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January 17, 2008
Suzette is off to Cancun today for a month of warmth and sun. I meant to ask her if she would take Elvis with her, but I forgot. Sorry, El. She’s done this every year since she retired. I don’t know if I could do that. I would have to take so much stuff.

  1. Yarn, needles, etc., for at least three projects.
  2. Sewing machine, fabric, etc.
  3. Three or four books, not paperbacks.
  4. Gus so I would have a reason to go for a walk.
  5. Elvis because he like sun and warmth and he would kill me if I didn’t.
  6. Maude because I would miss her too much.
  7. Zippo because he would cry his eyeballs out.
  8. Myuushi because I couldn’t leave him all alone even if he says he wouldn’t mind.
  9. Doug to feed the animals.

First we had rain, then snow and now it’s raining again.

Can you see the ducks on the other side in the water?

Maude was SOOO bored!

My table runner is almost done. I am not happy with it. I’ll probably feel better when its done. I really should be working on tree. Maybe later. I went shopping on line for yarn. I know I need more yarn like a hole in my head, but my Noro Kureyon gloves can’t take another repair. I found Kureyon Sock Yarn in the same colorway. I bought two for gloves and socks. The store also had free shipping with no minimum purchase. I was happy.