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Myuushi’s Turn

December 8, 2007

Myuushi has been a little snotty lately and he has been sneezing so I decided it was his turn to see the vet. Our little road was still snow covered and icy where the sun hadn’t reached. Main roads were OK, but my vet is also on a little road. We didn’t have to wait very long this time, probably due to the weather. That’s why I decided to go today. He doesn’t take appointments. You have to sign in between 10 and 12 and wait your turn. Some people can’t stand this, but when you have a cat that knows every hidey hole in and around your house, it’s good. The Myuush was very overdue for his distemper for this reason. At least he always got his rabies shots. They held clinics at various schools around the county every Spring. He got two shots and liquid to take. It was 2PM yesterday before he got his first dose. I have learned that it is better to just wait until he shows up. When we moved, it took my husband and son two hours to find him. For a short, fat, football shaped cat, he can certainly be elusive.

I have almost finished my daughter’s tunic. A couple of good movies should do it. I started on a FSL(free standing lace) Santa, sleigh, and nine reindeer. Rudolf will be there, too. I hope I can get it done by Christmas, but it may make me crazy before then. After the embroidery, there are pipe cleaners, wire, glue and a sparkly red nose to deal with. Wish me luck. I have some other sewing to do, but I hate to jump back and forth on projects. I’d never get anything done.