Trying to Finish

March 11, 2018

I haven’t felt right for the past several days.  I can’t say what it was, so I’ll just say that I have been pooky.  Since I haven’t been running around, I have made good progress on Babar.

  He needs to have his clothes blocked and find buttons for his vest.  Don’t you just love his bowler hat.




March 7, 2018


I think it rained for 24 hours.  At least it wasn’t snow.  We would have had to change the dreaded appointment.  We had to go up to Harrington this morning and I drove through pouring rain the whole way.  Sweetums was a little anxious, but everything worked out.  We had omelets at IHOP on the way home.  We chatted and laughed and enjoyed the meal and the coffee.  He felt so much better.  I don’t know what he would do if I died first.  There is Uber, but he would probably suck it up and drive himself.  I wouldn’t want to be behind him.

Quilting Finished

March 6, 2018

  I have finally completed the quilting .  The binding has been cut and, if I’m lucky, will be on the quilt by the weekend.

  The elephants were added to represent my nephew, his wife and baby that is due next month.

  Babar looks good is his new pants.  His jacket is almost finished


March 4, 2018

I like old fabric, especially bark cloth.  I look for beautiful patterns, good color, condition and price.  I like the depth and texture of bark cloth.  It adds another interest to the fabric.  I don’t mind paying $20 of $30 a yard, but not $100 or even $200.  I have five yards of the black and only one of the white.  Slip covers with a contrasting pillow comes to mind.  Curtains are a possibility, but I would have to line them to prevent fading.  You know, a jacket and skirt would be nice.

Babar now has pants.  I started his coat.  I hope I have enough green for his vest.  The yarn is Brown Sheep so getting another skein won’t be a problem.

Babar Is Finished

March 2, 2018

  Now I need to make Babar some clothes.

Home from La Boheme

February 28, 2018

Last Saturday, we went to see La Boheme, a favorite of mine.  And, obviously, for many others.  It was played in two theatres.  We were closer than I care to be, but in a very nice reclining chair.

Afterward, we got seafood.  Win got shrimp and I had crab cakes which pretty good, but not as good as mine.  They came with a terrible sauce that I took as an insult to the crab.  The waiter saw me remove the sauce to the other side of the table.  I told him exactly what I thought of it and to bring some Worcestershire.  I like a bit.  The sweet potato was good.  The green beans were wallowing in butter.

On my way home, I stopped at Wegman’s.  They have the Silk  yogurt that I can eat.  I bought Sweetums a loaf of crusty bread that he loves and two bags of my favorite oranges.  I wish they were closer.  I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else for food.

I also stopped at Cloverhill.  I needed another ball of red yarn and I wanted to look around.  Even though it has been through four owners, it has remained a great shop.  And, of course, I bought more yarn.

  Socks for me and Win.  A sweater for my soon-to-be great-nephew.



Cat in a Box

February 22, 2018

  It’s Ruth, our hell raiser.  I told her I was going to seal her in and mail her to Tasmania.  Sweet Baby Rue and Flo actually snickered.  This is the look I got.

I redid Babar last night.  I’m much happier with it.

The Hat

February 21, 2018

  Here’s the finished hat.  It’s cute, but not ‘me’ cute.   What do I do with it?  Who can I give it to.  Not a relative.  It wouldn’t look right on any of them, especially the men.  Maybe a friend?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

I started Babar last night.  I may go down a needle size and I’m not very happy with their increase method.  The increase I use on the thumb gussets for gloves is tidier.

No Socks

February 19, 2018

The hat is finished yet.  My lack of concentration was overwhelming last night.

  I’d better get it finished tonight because I am so tired of looking at it.

And as far as the socks are concerned, they will have to wait.  My great-nephew is April 12 and I promised my sister-in-law that I would make Babar.

  So I have some winding to do.

Is It Time for another Pair of Socks?

February 18, 2018

  I pulled out some sock yarn.  And then, I pulled out some more.  I have no idea what I want to do.

I need to finish that stupid hat.  Last night, I realized that I had made a mistake in my decreases so took that row out.  Then I found an extra stitch.  Since it almost eleven o’clock, I stopped.  Maybe I’ll finish it tonight.