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Headahe at 8AM

July 1, 2020

Monday morning I woke up to trees being removed at the house next to me.  Not a bad idea if you a view of the creek, but it’s Wednesday.  I’m beginning to wonder.  Are they leaving any?  I have visions of their house slipping into the creek.

The guy by the road got another dump trunk load of dirt for his back, so he was pushing that around all day. Normally, he only does this evenings and weekends.  He must have taken the day off. His land has always been lower than the rest of us and he’s trying to remedy it.  It needs a lot of work.

Then on the other side, my neighbor has decided to put in a boat ramp.  He has had several truckloads of rocks delivered. I’m not talking three inch rocks.  I’m talking three foot bolder type.  Do you know what that sounds like falling out of a big truck?  And it’s right at the river’s edge.

I managed to snap a few pictures of a mother Wood Duck and her chicks in the rain.  I was surprised to see them by the house.

Sweetums was Pooky

July 11, 2012

But he’s much better now.  On our morning walk Tuesday (two weeks ago), we had to turn back before reaching the end of the block.  By Wednesday night, he couldn’t make it to the bathroom without stopping to catch his breath.  When I went to bed, I decided that he would be going to hospital as soon as I was up.  Instead, he woke me up at 4AM.  He wanted to go.  Is it possible to be anxious and happy at the same time?  I let the dog out to pee, checked dog and cat chow and water bowls, and got myself dressed.  I helped Sweetums into shirt and pants and slippers and off we went. 

Ten minutes later, we were in the hospital.  There were two other groups there waiting, but everything moved along quickly and he was in a bed with oxygen and IV in no time.  The ER  doctor was very efficient (and nice) and asked a million questions.  He heard a heart murmur and began setting up various tests and x-rays.  Our family doctor came in around 7AM and said he was surprised to see him here.  There’s never anything wrong with him.  He listened to him and said he was 99% certain it was pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs).  So then came another barrage of questions.  All replies were negative.  As a matter of fact, his daily walks should have helped in preventing it. 

Well, enough of that for now.  Things to do.  Here’s a picture of mother wood duck and her kids that I took early this morning. 

Still loving Delaware!