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A New Collar for the Pup

June 13, 2015

gus 001  The latch broke.  I can’t complain.  The old one was over ten years old.  Actually, it’s a blessing.  I noticed his name tag was too worn down to read.  Now he has a new collar and tag in case he gets lost.  He’s a little tired now.  He had to show it off to all his friends.  He thinks he’s beautiful.

My projects have not been going smoothly this past week.  I’m not certain whether I had three migraine headaches or a three-day migraine headache.  My head was so full of mush.


Fiddly Stuff

June 8, 2015

pocket 001  I’ve mended nighties.  I’ve taken in skirts and pants.  I’ve added pockets where there were none.  I don’t know about you, but I have got to have phone pockets.

Now that that is over, it’s time for real sewing.  Since one nightie was tossed, I need another.  After digging through my stash, I came up with some insipid pink that I have no idea from where it came.  It is cotton, two yards long and 68 inches wide.  It’ll do.  Maybe I’ll put some embroidery on it.  And, yeah, it’ll have pockets.

I Don’t Think I Will Ever Tire of Watching Herons

September 8, 2014

herons 007

herons 009

white heron 005

herons 001


What’s for Supper?

August 9, 2014

I can’t stand it when Sweetums says it, especially when I am grumpier than normal.

So.  Anyway.  I had this pound of ground beef. It’s what I get when nothing else appeals to me.  I looked through the kitchen cabinets and at some recipes.  I chopped some onion, threw it with the meat in a pan to brown.  I boiled some noodles.  So far so good.

supper 002

Then it time to pull stuff out of the cabinets and refrigerator.

supper 001

All Sweetums approved stuff.  You do know he’s from Oklahoma, right?

supper 006

OK.  So it was too much stuff.  I had to get out the pan that is so big, it has two handles.  But doesn’t it look good?  And it was.  I told Sweetums, “I won’t have to cook for a week!”  And gave him a big smile.




View From Our Deck

July 16, 2014

wood duck kides 004  Mom Wood Duck out with the kids.

herons 001

007  And the Herons.

View from my Dining Table

June 25, 2014

woodpecker 001   Stopping by for a treat

woodpecker 002  Got it!

This Red Bellied Woodpecker is so hard to photograph.  I am so happy to finally get a decent picture.  The blinds on the door were only open enough to see the feeder.  I was sitting about twenty-five feet away.  This is why I bought a new camera.

No Gardening Here

June 18, 2014

yard 001  Here sits the stone for the new front under the windows.  It took over two weeks to get here.  Frank is working elsewhere.  I wouldn’t want him out there anyway.  The thermometer said over 100 degrees when I took this.  Even Sheena, Warrior Princess, is heading for the shade.


A New Bookcase

May 28, 2014

bookcase 004  Frank made us a bookcase for the awkward corner opposite the front porch.   Does it look level to you?  Well. It is. Really.  It was Sweetums’ idea.  I’m so proud of them.  Now we’ll have to see if Sweetums can stain it without getting it all over the walls.

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Sofa

May 27, 2014

007  Every time that I go into the room, I am amazed at how much bigger it looks.  It’s only four feet.  I told Sweetums that I wanted a big red leather couch.  He looked at me as if I had two heads.  I know that is very impractical with pets, but it is fun to pull his chain sometimes.

I’ve also been looking at Bark cloth for draperies, but that comes after painting  and carpeting.

A Pleasant Experience

May 21, 2014

Three cheers for Delaware DMV!!

Yesterday, Sweetums and I rode over to DeDMW. There were a few things that we had to get straightened with my new vehicle and some other things. We walked up to the front desk. When we said why we were here, she handed us a ticket. Then she looked at it and said, we were next and to look for our number over the windows. I explained to the woman what had happened and what I wanted to do and she was fine with it all. She was extremely pleasant with everything. She was vey helpful and explained everything. I got just what I wanted and I had all my questions addressed. I thanked her profusely. We were back in the car ten(Yes! Ten) minutes later.

OK. One bad thing. I didn’t have any time to get some knitting done.