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A Day with Friends

June 23, 2012

Serendipity was having a birthday sale so, naturally, we had to go.   I left the house at 9:30 thinking I’d easily be there by 10:00.  No such luck.  I’m a few miles out when I thought to look at my gas.  I had less than 1/4 tank nd I knew there was only one gas station and they always charge more than anybody.  I turned down a side road and got out my GPS.  I only had to drive three miles to save $0.16 a gallon and it was still along the way.  But I was about 15 minutes late.  I tried calling Maria, but she didn’t answer and her phone was full.  How does voice mail fill up like that?  I was going to beat her when I saw her, but I forgot.  I knew it was useless to try Betty.  She seldom even turns hers on.  All that nonsense wasn’t even worth it.  They were late too.   

We had a great time.  Everything was 15% off.  They had various demonstrations going on and Maria’s favorite, free snacks.  It is really hard not to get overwhelmed by so many beautiful fabrics, patterns, books, and kits.  Somehow. I managed to get out of there with one pattern, on kit and three pieces of fabric.


And then, it was on to Sea Needles.  They are only a few miles away.  It would be stupid not to go.  I was happy to see the new Noro magazine.  Two of the on-line stores I use were sold out.  Betty will become a first-time grandmother in December and I found some yarn that we both can agree on.  I have a lovely pair of socks in Panda Silk so I know I’ll enjoy knitting with it.

Afterward, we had a very nice late lunch at the restaurant across the street.  I finally made it home by 5:00, tired but happy.  There is nothing like spending the day with friends, doing what we like to do.

It’s Been a Busy Week on the Creek

September 14, 2009

I had to go for my annual physical Tuesday morning.  While I was out, I had my teeth checked at the dentist.  Then, I got some breakfast.  Afterwards, I got a haircut.  I had about three inches cut off and it’s still long enough to put up.  September here can still have some hot days. 

Wednesday morning, I had blood drawn.  Every year, this gets harder.  I have terrible veins.  They were finally able to get blood out of my right hand.  When I had a colonoscopy, they had to put the IV in my foot.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was donating blood on a regular basis.  I must be getting old.

The best day was Thursday.  Leslie and Maria came over we went shopping.  They are knitters, too,  so guess where we went.   drove.  I like to drive.  First, we went to Sea Needles in Bethany Beach.  We were there for almost two hours.  I bought A size 7 circular needle, some sock yarn and Rowan magazine #46.  I don’t know why they call it a magazine.  It’s more like a book.  I wanted a 47″ or 60″ size 8 circular needle, but the longest they had in anything.  I was hoping to get one at the next stop.  Leslie bought some needles, but Maria couldn’t make up her mind about some sale yarn.  I liked both colorways so I wasn’t much help.  She didn’t buy either. 

Next, I drove up Route 1 to Rehoboth Beach.  It was raining hard and very windy by that time.  Driving along with the bay on one side and the ocean on the other was exciting.  The rain had eased off by the time we got to Rehoboth.  I forgot to bring quarters for the meter, but Leslie had plenty–probably from the slots.  That’s her other passion.  The shop is called Kitschy.  I don’t think we will be going back.  There wasn’t much variety.  I believe she only stocked what she liked.  I never did get the other needle I wanted.  I was too disappointed in this shop.