A Day with Friends

Serendipity was having a birthday sale so, naturally, we had to go.   I left the house at 9:30 thinking I’d easily be there by 10:00.  No such luck.  I’m a few miles out when I thought to look at my gas.  I had less than 1/4 tank nd I knew there was only one gas station and they always charge more than anybody.  I turned down a side road and got out my GPS.  I only had to drive three miles to save $0.16 a gallon and it was still along the way.  But I was about 15 minutes late.  I tried calling Maria, but she didn’t answer and her phone was full.  How does voice mail fill up like that?  I was going to beat her when I saw her, but I forgot.  I knew it was useless to try Betty.  She seldom even turns hers on.  All that nonsense wasn’t even worth it.  They were late too.   

We had a great time.  Everything was 15% off.  They had various demonstrations going on and Maria’s favorite, free snacks.  It is really hard not to get overwhelmed by so many beautiful fabrics, patterns, books, and kits.  Somehow. I managed to get out of there with one pattern, on kit and three pieces of fabric.


And then, it was on to Sea Needles.  They are only a few miles away.  It would be stupid not to go.  I was happy to see the new Noro magazine.  Two of the on-line stores I use were sold out.  Betty will become a first-time grandmother in December and I found some yarn that we both can agree on.  I have a lovely pair of socks in Panda Silk so I know I’ll enjoy knitting with it.

Afterward, we had a very nice late lunch at the restaurant across the street.  I finally made it home by 5:00, tired but happy.  There is nothing like spending the day with friends, doing what we like to do.

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  1. sheila Says:

    A day with friends is one of my favorite things. I managed to grab up the new Noro book A dream on book Knit on!

    • frivolousfluffy Says:

      It still amazes me how much nicer everyone is here. I am so glad that I moved.

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