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July 8, 2008

The plumber showed up around 10:30 this morning.  I was glad because I was pretty bleary eyed from reading.  I had put another border on my quilt earlier and I couldn’t make up my mind about the binding.  I pulled out everything that was usable and threw it on the table and left them there until one of them started talking.  Unfortunately, several started talking at once, so I left them all there to fight amongst themselves.  I am hoping to have a winner be tomorrow but you never know about fabric.  They are just like gas ovens.   I took my knitting and went out on the porch deck–whatever that thing is.  I wanted to weed, but I didn’t want to get sweaty.  We have a hose going to the neighbor’s, but I don’t need to be greedy.  It is Kevin’s birthday and he wants to go to the Mexican restaurant in town for dinner.  They are at their trailer for the week.  Doug got him two Wave Birds? on eBay and I got him an Ugly Poe doll and Ugly Poe key chain and a Ugly OX T-shirt.  And if you don’t know what Uglies are, then shame on you.

So the plumber says the pump is shot.  That’s not hard to believe.  The original owner kept receipts for EVERYTHING and there was no pump.  He is coming back on Wednesday to do it.  Then I plan on doing my best to wear it out.

No Water

July 7, 2008

Doug and Paul rigged up a hose from their house to ours so we can do what needs to be done if you know what I mean.  Doug called the plumber and I went to knitting group.  That’s about it for today.