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Sweetums and the Computer

March 9, 2014

OK.  I know that it’s been while.  But there’s been a lot of  hand holding going on here.  It all started when Sweetums’ desktop got sick.  What to do?  What to do?  After a bunch of to-ing and fro-ing, he decided a new unit was in order.  So he ordered one.  It came.  He set it up.  It did strange things.  He sent it back. (It’s a good thing there’s an UPS store in town.)  Now what?  He found instructions to completely clear a computer.  So he did that.  But he still doesn’t trust it.  He’s thinking about a new one, but he doesn’t want a touch screen.  ARG!

And what did I do?  Why I made him a new hat.  What else is a knitter to do?



No Picture Yet

September 5, 2009

I meant to take a picture of my new hat today, but I didn’t think of it until evening.  I like to take knitting pictures in daylight.  I drove up to Dover to see what was on sale at Viking and Joanne’s.  I was disappointed at how few embroidery designs they had, but I did buy a couple gadgets.  There was a lot heavy traffic on the way home.  I was wandering why, then I realized it was probably weekenders.  There were several different state tags.

Well.   That’s about it.

Flora Dora

Flora Dora