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Blue Heron Warehouse Sale

July 1, 2014

Maria and I wanted to go but her granddaughter was in hospital.  The child is smart and talented and has learned to knit and sew with Grandma.  They spend a lot of time together.  Maria thinks the world of her.  So I went alone.

I woke up intending to get out the door early, but it didn’t happen.  I was one hundred years old that morning.  I couldn’t do anything and didn’t leave until after noon.  Still, there was a good amount to look through.

blue heron 002

I want to make summer socks in aqua or turquoise.  I couldn’t decide which one to buy so I bought all three.  The one on the right is nine ounces of cotton tape.  I have no idea what I am going to make with it.  I just liked it.

Then I drove over to Frivolous Fibers and found this.  It’s alpaca, merino and glitz.  Don’t ask.

lace yarn 005

I Can’t Sew!

August 26, 2012

The weather has been really lovely for about a week and we haven’t had the air conditioning on.  Sweetums bought a new window fan, but it doesn’t fit in the window.  Frank to the rescue?  Well, not quite.  He has a couple of other things that he has to do first.  But he did stop by and knows what needs to be done.  Why can’t I sew?  My sewing table sits near said window.  So my table went one way and my machine went another until the fan is installed.  I am so glad that I can knit. 


Speaking of knitting, here is my latest project.  I saw this yarn at Frivolous Fibers last week and had to have it.  Janet said she spun it herself.  Even better.  I think I spent most of a day pouring over my books and internet looking for the right pattern.  Coquille shawl in Knitty seemed to fill the bill.  An unusual shawl for an unusual yarn.  The pattern knits up quickly and it’s easy to see just what row you are on.  I seldom need to look at the directions.


Last Tuesday, the “girls” and I went on a field trip.  First stop was a quilt shop in Easton where Maria, as usual, couldn’t make up her mind.  Then we had lunch at Sam’s in St. Michael’s.  And finished with the yarn shop there.  And, again, Maria couldn’t make up her mind.

PS– I want to apologize for the ranting last time.  I guess I just expect someone twenty years younger than me who is working to have computer skills.

Out with the Girls

September 2, 2010

OK.  So we’re not girls.  But it sounds a lot better than a bunch of old hags. 

After being off work since May, Maria finally has to go back to work next Tuesday.  We decided a field trip was in order.  So.  Where to go?  Betty would be coming too.  And where hadn’t she been?  Why, Frivolous Fibers of course.  Yeah!!  It’s not a place we care to visit in the summer due to those pesky evil tourists.  But, we figured it wouldn’t be so bad since just about all the schools had started, so off we went. 

I drove as usual.  I like to drive and, well, I have a minivan and everyone fits in comfortably.  Temperatures were in the mid-90s so we had the AC on.  It took awhile to figure out what to do to get air back to Leslie.  She’s got COPD so it’s kind of important.  We had to fiddle with vents and buttons for a while.  You’d think that with a 14-year-old car, I would know by now what to do.  I seldom have anyone in the second seat and I am not big on cold air blowing on me.  I am so glad I had socks on.  

I am certain we spent at least three hours at Frivolous Fibers.  Fortunately, I brought my knitting.  It didn’t take me long to find the yarn that I wanted.  Happily, this place has comfy chairs so I sat down, got out my knitting and waited and waited.  Maria, as usual, went insane.  She saw a scarf that she had to make.  They didn’t have any yarn the same color in the shop.  The clerk called Barbara(Blue Heron Yarn) and she didn’t have any at her studio either.  So someone is going to take it to her(she lives in the next town) so she can make more for Maria.  How cool is that?  In the meantime, Maria wasn’t going to leave without something so she spent a good hour trying to make up her mind.  Of course she wound up some Blue Heron.  Betty went a little crazy, too.  She finally wound up with some silk merino in a soft lavender green sock yarn, also from Blue Heron.  Did I get Blue Heron?  Nope.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t own any.

I also want to mention where we went for lunch/supper.  The lady at the shop told us about it.  She even had a menu.  It’s a place called Sam’s.  It’s on the way back to Route 50, not far from the old part of St Michael’s.  It doesn’t look like much, but the prices are reasonable, the menu is large and the food is wonderful.  And it beats the hell out of those trendy places in town.

Yarn & Co, Easton MD and Frivolous Fibers, St Michaels MD

January 11, 2010

Maria called Saturday morning asking about going to the yarn shop in Easton.  About two hours later, we were finally ready to go.  Leslie came too.  We were not impressed, but Maria did buy a few things.   There was  nothing exciting there.  The owner was not helpful or friendly.  She was more interested in her dog and her knitting.  The was another woman there giving a lesson.  I thought it was strange that she only wanted the student to do things her way–that there was no other way to do it.  Another thing that bothered me was when we asked about other shops, she said there were no others in the area.

Fifteen minutes later, we were at Frivolous Fibers in St. Michael’s.  What a difference eight  miles makes.  In the front of the shop there are various items from local artisans.  I bought some of the soap and I was interested in some salt and pepper shakers.  The back 2/3’s was filled with yarn.  And was it ever eye candy!!  We had a grand time.  It was almost 5PM by the time we left.  It was hard to figure out at first who were the customers ans who were the workers.  Everyone was having such a good time.  Maria went crazy and had a really hard time making up her mind.  I also found it interesting that they had a very large supply of Blue Heron yarns and none in Easton where it is made.

Sunday, I made myself a camera case.   I need to get my revised notes on this and update the page.   Gotta go!