I Can’t Sew!

The weather has been really lovely for about a week and we haven’t had the air conditioning on.  Sweetums bought a new window fan, but it doesn’t fit in the window.  Frank to the rescue?  Well, not quite.  He has a couple of other things that he has to do first.  But he did stop by and knows what needs to be done.  Why can’t I sew?  My sewing table sits near said window.  So my table went one way and my machine went another until the fan is installed.  I am so glad that I can knit. 


Speaking of knitting, here is my latest project.  I saw this yarn at Frivolous Fibers last week and had to have it.  Janet said she spun it herself.  Even better.  I think I spent most of a day pouring over my books and internet looking for the right pattern.  Coquille shawl in Knitty seemed to fill the bill.  An unusual shawl for an unusual yarn.  The pattern knits up quickly and it’s easy to see just what row you are on.  I seldom need to look at the directions.


Last Tuesday, the “girls” and I went on a field trip.  First stop was a quilt shop in Easton where Maria, as usual, couldn’t make up her mind.  Then we had lunch at Sam’s in St. Michael’s.  And finished with the yarn shop there.  And, again, Maria couldn’t make up her mind.

PS– I want to apologize for the ranting last time.  I guess I just expect someone twenty years younger than me who is working to have computer skills.


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