Going Nowhere Doing Nothing

After several days of running around, I’m glad to be home, doing nothing much.  I knit a little.  I cut some squares for the back of my quilt.  I read.  And I didn’t have to be nice to anyone.  Tuesday, it was easy to be nice to everyone.  I was out with some girlfriends shopping at quilt and yarn stores.  We had a great time.

Yesterday was a lot harder.  Sweetums had to go to the coumadin clinic.  The nurse has no math or computer skills.  Logical thinking is completely beyond her.  She obviously has been shown one way to enter data and knows her head would explode if she touched any other keys.  Her answers to any of our questions might as well be, “Because I said so”, for all the good they do.  We get much information on our own.  I think she would be much happier if we just said the appropriate yes or no to her mundane questions, took her printout, and left.  You know, like warm brown turds.

Later, we went to see the lung doctor.  What should have taken fifteen minutes, went on for an hour and a half.  To begin, their appointments were messed up.  The two people who were there did not seem to be listed.  So why did we have to wait?  When we finally saw the doctor, he had to show us the echo and explain every little detail.  Been  there.  Done that.   Then he basically wrote his report while we were sitting there.  Talk about bored to tears.  I am so glad I always bring my knitting to these things.  How does Sweetums manage to stay awake through these things?  But, then, that’s just another reason why I call him Sweetums.

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