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Sewing Stuff

September 4, 2015

fabric 002  I really really really want to make this  raincoat.  I spent about six hours looking over laminated fabric.  When I saw that yellow, I knew I found what I wanted.  The lining fabric was some I all ready had.  It complements the yellow so well.

The thing is—-I have a dress to put together.  When I saw the dress required bias tape, I felt much better.  I got out my cutter and went to town.

fabric 005  Naturally, I made too much.

fabric 006  I have some leftover, but I’ll use it on something else, sooner or later.

I Like to Make Bias Tape

June 17, 2015

I decided to make another slip.  The one I had made last month only needed minor tweaking to be ‘just right.’  Lucky for me, whenever a pattern calls for bias tape, I make it myself.   It’s just that I make entirely too much.  What can I say?  It’s just plain fun!  But it certainly is handy for things like hat bands and slip straps.  It gives a little pizazz to otherwise everyday items.

slip tape 003  Now.  Which one do I use?

Sunhat for Maddie

May 22, 2009

I learned something today.052009 003

When cutting bias strips, know where your coffee is.  I managed to get not one, but two strips in my coffee. 

I had a light yellow piece of Laurel Burch fabric to cut out  which will be good for a sunhat.  Most of the LB fabric I have is too dark or Christmas.  I couldn’t find my bias tape so I make some more.  I could buy some,but I really like making my own.  It gives my things a personal touch.  I had to get some more interfacing.  All I have is very light weight and I like a light medium weight for these hats.  Luckily, the local Walmart still sells fabric so I didn’t have to go very far.  I caught the worker just as she was about to go on break.  She wasn’t too happy.  But there were a couple of times when I had to go through half the store looking for someone.  So, anyway, I bought ten yards.  You can never have enough.

I started this post two days ago, but the Internet went down.  At least word-press automatically saves your draft every few minutes.  Thanks, guys.  With all the absolutely beautiful weather we have been having, it’s really hard to blog.  I am only inside now because I am talking to a girlfriend on the phone.