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Sinus Headaches

April 29, 2010

I’ve been having them almost every day for about two weeks and I’m beginning to think they are rotting my brain.  I get out my laptop and forget what I wanted to say.  There is so much pollen in the air that everything is yellow.  Look at the scum that collect on the creek.

We had an extra knitting get together on Sunday.  Victoria is so excited about learning to knit.  It’s a great excuse to gather.  Annabelle came, too.  It was so nice seeing her again.  Afterwards we went to Famous Dave’s.  I had only been there one other time.  I got shredded pork because it’s  Betty’s favorite and I had no idea what I wanted anyway.  It came in this strange tray with paper on it.  Maria and I asked for a plate.  How can you cut anything on paper?  Also, I felt like a child who couldn’t keep her food on her plate.  Granted, the pork was good, but the corn of the cob was awful.  But then again, I never eat it at home unless it is fresh. 

I finished one Red Fox sock and have started on the second.  Tomorrow, I’m going to Reisterstown.  Friday, I’m meeting friends for lunch and Saturday and Sunday is MD Sheep and Wool.  I hope to be back on Monday.