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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

December 4, 2007

 Now you see it. 


 Now you don’t. 

Last Saturday, I cut my son’s ponytail off. Even with good hair cutting scissors, it took a while. His hair is like mine, very fine and very thick. It must have taken 100 snips. After I cut it off, I straightened it out as best I could. Sunday, he went to Hair Cuttery to finish the job. I don’t know how it looks now because I had left for Delaware before he went. Jenn saw him yesterday, but he wouldn’t take his hat off so she couldn’t get a good look. I talked to him today and he sounded good so I think he is over the initial shock. Now I have this beautiful pony tail. Should I donate it? Where? I would appreciate any suggestions. I’ll have to keep a piece for myself.