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New Cat on the Block

October 9, 2009

It was almost too cool to sit on the deck and knit today.  I am almost up to the toe.  Maybe I’ll finish them tomorrow.  I’m a little depressed today.  A friend’s husband is not doing well.  I’m trying to be non-committal here. 

I decided to call Agnes and invite her to Girls Day Out next month.  We had  a good chat and I felt much better for having called her.  She is going to meet me at my house in Reisterstown.  Hopefully, June will be able to come, too.  Since Diana reads my blog(and NEVER comments), I won’t have to e-mail her.

100609 023This guy has been coming by the last couple of days.  Well, he may be a her.  At first I was thinking abandoned cat, but when Gus barked at him, he headed for the recently rented house.  I felt better.  He seems to be fascinated with the water.  He likes to go down the steps at my bulkhead at low tide.  He stays down there for several minutes.  I’ve never seen any of my cats do that.

OK.  Back to knitting.  I am hoping to wear them tomorrow evening.