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I’m Such an Idiot

March 21, 2008
Yesterday, I was two-thirds through an embroidery design when the needle broke. After changing the needle, I tried to continue the design. It was in the wrong place. I could not think how that happened. I pulled out the stitches and started it again. The same thing happened. What the h**l! I did it all over again with no luck. What was wrong? I did everything that I could think of. I finally turned it off and finished making supper. I had that chicken to contend with. Around 5AM, I woke up. While taking care of the call of the wild, I remembered what I forgot to do. This afternoon, I finished the design and all it took was two clicks to recalibrate it. I really do know better than that. It is something that I have had to do on occasion. Where was my brain?

I decided to try something new for dessert tomorrow. It’s called strawberry meringue cake. I made the cake part this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, I’ll make the strawberry whipped cream. The cake certainly looks interesting.

My grandson is not happy with the picture that I put up of him so here is another one.

How’s this, Kevin?