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Nordic Mitts

January 31, 2009

I had planned to have both finished by this time, but it’s been a weird week.  And I’ve been especially grumpy.  It happens.  I haven’t even spent much time on the computer and really have things that I need to do.








After I took these pictures, I realized that you can’t see the designs up the sides.  These mittens are so beautiful that I may actually wear them.  After all, I am a glove person.  I learned some new techniques and I hope to make another pair using my own design.  I was looking at Beth’s patterns today and I found something I think my daughter would like.  The only things is I don’t have the right yarn.  I found something I could use at Knit Picks so I ordered two books too.   They are having a 40% off books sale, but they didn’t have everything I wanted.