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Georgia House Laurel DE

March 7, 2010

Don’t get the meatloaf.  It wasn’t meatloaf.  It had cheap barbeque sauce on it and was put on the grill.  I assume this was done to give it some flavor as the inside looked like gray-brown mud.  When I think of the number of ingredients that can be put in a meatloaf to make it tasty and interesting to look at,  I was appalled. Maybe, I should add a page for my meatloaf recipe.   Also, the macaroni  and cheese was no better than you get out of a box.  At least, we weren’t charger for it, so Sweetums left a nice tip.  I was also offered a free dessert, but I had made a cake for later.

And, here’s dessert.  It’s a chocolate orange cake.  Last week as I waited in line at the supermarket, I picked up a cooking magazine.  It was “The Best of—–” and turned out to be so good that I bought it.  That’s something I haven’t done in years.  The cake was great.  We ate half of it.