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Sadness from Pheonix

October 29, 2008

I received an e-mail from my girlfriend a little while ago.  Her husband was laid off.  He might be getting another job, but they would have to move to North Dakota.  She said she was scared, but she still ended by saying that she would let me know if the people there have fur.  You’ve got to love her. 

The downward slopping economy hasn’t effected us much so I’ve been a little blind.  My husband and I never had to worry about losing our jobs.  I can’t talk about this anymore.

It rained all night and most of the day so we went to Walmart.  I needed a crochet hook size D.  I should have one, but I can’t find it.  They don’t carry the needles I need.  Maybe I can find them at Stitches.  I also bought a new pair of jeans.  Suddenly, all of mine are pretty ratty.  Please note, they are a size smaller.  Then, we headed over to the food.  When I think about it, we have always been a little frugal like buying extra of what’s on sale.  The house we lived in was less than what we could afford, but we paid for four years of college for our son. 

Darn, I keep getting moody.  Here’s a cat picture.  I’m going to knit.  And there better be something good on TV!