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Laurel Pizzeria

July 19, 2009

We went there for a pizza to see how it was.  We got the house special and added anchovies.  I have to have anchovies.  Don’t take me out for pizza to any pizzeria that doesn’t have anchovies.

The pizza was very good.  The cheese was especially good and there was plenty of it.   There was plenty of everything.  We really enjoyed it.  The only thing I didn’t like was the background music.  It was a too loud Frank Sinatra record.  A little variety would have been nice.

Thursday and Friday were hot and humid so we put the air conditioning on.  Today was so nice we turned it off when the sun went down.  It is supposed to be in the 50s overnight.  Good sleeping weather.

I had to take Gus to the vet on Thursday.  His ears were bothering him.  He has two pills to take twice a day, an ear wash and ear drops.  I have to shove the pills down his throat.  He will come to me even though he knows what I am going to do.  Maybe it’s because he knows he will get a treat afterwards.  He really is a good boy about it. 

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Many years ago, I had a shepherd-husky mix that ate anything I put in his bowl.  I would  just toss the pills in his bowl and he’d eat them.  I could also toss them in his general direction and he’d catch them and swallow them down.  One evening when I was pregnant, I dropped a prenatal vitamin.  He swallowed it and he was up all night.  I was up a lot anyway to use the toilet and I could hear him pacing downstairs.