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My Son Came By

August 8, 2012

He called to say he was taking Friday off.  He had a few things to do and would be here around 4PM.  The bay bridge gets backed-up with weekend ocean goers.  (Is that a word?)  Luckily, he was over before it got bad. 

I got out the crab meat and corn I had frozen when Sweetums was sick and had no appetite.  A neighbor had given us about a dozen ears of corn, most of which I had to freeze.  The crabcakes I made were still pretty good and so was the corn.  I felt better.  I don’t like freezing fresh food.  I only buy what I think I will use in a week.  Fresh tastes so much better.

My son brought me this beautiful straw hat.  He got it from Goorins.  I haven’t worn it yet.  I don’t want to sweat on it.  It’s too nice.

Crossing the Bay

April 18, 2009

It rained the whole way back o Reisterstown on Wednesday.  It was about the windiest day that I have ever seen when on the bay bridge.  I really had to hold on to the steering wheel.  It wasn’t as bad as the time it snowed.  Now that really sucked.  Having an Ipod for these trips is so great.  I subscribe to some pod-casts and I always make certain I have a few hours worth before I head out.  I tried the Knit Picks pod-casts, but the way that Kelly talks makes me want to scream.  I love listening to Jenny and Nicole from Stash and Burn.  I feel like they are riding along with me making the trip so much more enjoyable.

I got up at 6AM on Thursday to take Jenn to Hopkins.  I had to eat some breakfast and stop for gas before going over to pick up Jenn and Kevin.  She asked if  I wanted to take her vehicle, but it’s bigger than mine and I knew I would be driving in rush hour traffic and I’d rather do that in my own van. 

I’m pretty tired.  I’ll report more on this next time.