My Son Came By

He called to say he was taking Friday off.  He had a few things to do and would be here around 4PM.  The bay bridge gets backed-up with weekend ocean goers.  (Is that a word?)  Luckily, he was over before it got bad. 

I got out the crab meat and corn I had frozen when Sweetums was sick and had no appetite.  A neighbor had given us about a dozen ears of corn, most of which I had to freeze.  The crabcakes I made were still pretty good and so was the corn.  I felt better.  I don’t like freezing fresh food.  I only buy what I think I will use in a week.  Fresh tastes so much better.

My son brought me this beautiful straw hat.  He got it from Goorins.  I haven’t worn it yet.  I don’t want to sweat on it.  It’s too nice.

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