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Sideways Grande Hat

January 17, 2011

Once again, I am having a problem with the pattern.  I am beginning to wonder if these patterns were tried out or even proofread by a knowledgeable knitter before going to press.  It is virtuously impossible to follow the instructions and have the finished product look like the photograph.  It was impossible to come anywhere near the dimensions no matter what needle or yarn I used.  And, believe me, I tried.   I’ll have to think long and hard before trying another pattern in this book.

There You Go

January 15, 2011

The fit is good.  It goes with my Stars sweater and my Eeyore jacket.  What more do I want.  Oh yeah.  I love worms.

I started another hat.  This one is orange.  I actually own an orange coat.  I am using the Sideways Grande Hat from Boutique Knits.  My yarn seems to be bulkier than what they used.  I’ve had to make a few changes.  I should be finished in another day or two.


Flo is not at all happy about this.