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Still Basking in the Joy that was Sheep and Wool

May 15, 2012

Yes.  I know it’s officially Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival,  but all you need to say in the tri-state area is Sheep and Wool and wool people know.  I didn’t take any pictures this year, but I took one of my loot when I got back to Reisterstown.  And, of course, after I got home I realized I noticed I didn’t include everything.  The Berroco books will have to wait.

I was happy to find the Japanese book that Gayle raved about, but there weren’t any pattern books to speak of.  I found a couple of stores on-line that have several.  Now, I must decide which ones.  The buttons are from Creatively Dyed Yarns.  And, you know what?  I didn’t buy any yarn from them this year.  This could be due to the fact that I had already bought yarn from three other stalls.  I am so glad that Signature Needle Arts is getting down to the smaller sizes in circulars.  I got a 3 and a 4 and I am hoping that 2 will be coming out soon.  I picked up a neat little needle case.  The fabric is pretty thin.  And, I can’t help but wonder how long it will last.  But, then I thought I could easily make another with sturdier fabric. I’ve spent as much on patterns. 

The little cat was for my son.  I got cards from the two women who make the animals.  They do special orders and I think my daughter would a little Bo like her Maine Coon.

Well, Merry Christmas Everyone

December 25, 2009

Win and I went over to my Daughter’s home this morning for breakfast.There was eggs and sausage and bacon and waffles with strawberry sauce and whipped cream and black bottoms and chocolate chip cookies and coffee and orange juice and I’m stuffed.  There was Jenn and John and Kevin and Mee Mau and Cousin Bobby.  Brandon brought Rob and Mandy brought Laurie.  And the answer to the question currently forming in your mind is yes and no.  I took pictures, but they take too long to download here.  We had fun.  Bo, my daughter’s Maine Coon, was trying to mooch a free meal off anyone that went by the laundry room.  At first, he slept on their bed.  He had been out all night.  It was his idea.  He’s a Maine Coon after all.  He can take it.  By the time we were getting ready to leave, he was sprawled out on the living room floor on top of Kevin’s Lego’s.  I  tried to take pictures of him.  If you think that my  Zippo is big, wait until you see Bo.  That’s all for now.  Win is going to take a nap.  Later, we’re going to get Chinese and go to a movie.  Isn’t that what you are supposed to do on Christmas?  Love you!  Yeah, I’m happy.