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Is The Third Time The Charm?

March 12, 2012

I sincerely hope so.   These yarns screamed at me to be put together.  It took a while for them to decide what suited them best.  At first, they said lined mittens and socks.  When I was about half way through a mitten, they said, ‘No.  That’s not it’.  I reminded  them that it really doesn’t get that cold around here.  I suggested gloves.  They laughed.  They knew that I love to make gloves.  They suggested getting out the fair isle glove book.  We really had a good time with that one.  There were so many beautiful designs.  They started jumping up and down and screamed, ‘This is it!  This is it!’  I had my doubts.  Once I had finished the cuff , they agreed with me.  They wanted to know what happened to the pattern.  They couldn’t see it.  I said, ‘I told you so’, and pulled it all apart.  So.  I did what I wanted.

Who’s laughing now?  Silly old yarn.  What do they know?