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Happy Birthday A.

April 6, 2019



He’s one year old today.

Here he is with his Grandpa, my brother.  He is always smiling.  I think he knows how lucky he is.  He has brought so much joy to his parents and grandparents.  I love to listen to my brother and sister(in law) talk about him.  You can hear the happiness in their voices and see the joy on the faces.  Keep doing what you do, little guy.  I love what you’re doing to my family.  And, I love you, too.

Happy Birthday Jenn

February 1, 2008
Today is my little girl’s 42nd birthday. I wanted to scan a picture for you, but my printer and I are not currently speaking to each other. Are you wondering who won the gloves? Well, you’ll just have to wait until Sunday. So, I am giving you two more days to comment. You see, it rained all morning and I didn’t want to go out. I have decided to have one of the other knitters in my group pick one out.

I finally made Christmas cake today. I felt so crappy around Christmas that it never got made. It is also known as raisin walnut spice cake with cream cheese frosting. We could call it birthday cake since it is Jenn’s birthday. She won’t be getting any unless she wants to drive 111 miles, but we will think about her as we eat it.

See the scale. I bought it to weight yarn, but it has lots of other uses. I was a pound off when I weighed the pans.

The original recipe called for three eight inch pans, but this made such a tall cake that it didn’t fit in my carrier. I finally found deep nine inch pans that work as well and they fit nicely in my carrier.


Here is my finished wimple. It hasn’t been blocked yet.

I used a heavier yarn and a size smaller needle and it turned out like I hoped. I like a warm neck.