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July 3, 2009

I steamed a five pound box of shrimp the other day.  That’s a lot for two people.  I’m running out of ideas with what to do with it.  We ate our fill the first day, then I made enough shrimp salad for two more meals.  Last night, it was shrimp in vodka sauce over small pasta shells with peas.  So, tonight, we went out to eat.  Yeah.  I never thought that I would get tired of shrimp.

We’re going to a little picnic on Saturday.  I’m bringing a cake.  Should I make pineapple upside-down or blueberry with strawberry sauce?  I think I’ll go down to Mernie’s tomorrow and see what they have. 

I started on the second opera glove.  So far so good.

How I Spent My Friday

March 1, 2008

Elvis puked on this sweater yesterday. No. Maude did not get puked on. I hate to even think what she would do if that happened. Anyway, he did it when I was up to my eyeballs in cake batter and blueberries. Yes. It was Sandy’s recipe. I managed to scoop up Elvis and push him out the back door. My screaming brought Doug with offers to help. He got the sweater down  and proceeded to holler for instructions. I had to make two trips to the basement before I was able to get back to the cake. Then, Doug started hovering in the kitchen. I had to growl at him three times before he went away. I needed the cake finished and myself cleaned by 5:30 and he wasn’t helping matters. He decided it was a good time to take Gus for a walk.

Elvis turned out all right. He actually had a good time outside. He soaked up some sun.

See the brick walk Doug put down.

And he visited the neighbors.

Zip had to follow. He’s so nosy.

We didn’t get out until 5:50. So much for Linda’s 5:30ish. We decided on Mexican. Linda got her usual #114, Paul got #117, Doug went with #129 and I ordered #1. Everybody including the waiter looked at me. I had #140 last time and now I was starting over. There are too many good items at this restaurant for me ever to settle on one thing. And there are just a few that I would not get again. I hope I recognize them when I get to them.