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Animal Testing

February 15, 2008

Did anyone see the HBO movie about the first blue baby surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital? This was about three years ago. When I actually saw that baby change from blue to pink, I cried. I am sure it was enhanced, but I have seen it happen with my own two eyes. I cried then, too. And I still cry at times. If it weren’t for research on animals, where would we be? I believe in animal testing when it comes to saving lives.

I don’t believe in animal testing when it comes to cosmetics. If these cosmetic companies want to test their products on anything, it should be themselves. Every cream or lotion that I pick up, I look for No Animal Testing. Sometimes, it’s written out and sometimes it’s a little animal with that slash-circle over it. You may have to do some bending over or tiptoeing to reach them, but they are there. You don’t have to go to specialty shops. I get mine at Walmart and they are reasonably priced, too. I just looked at my bath oil and I can actually read every single ingredient. My favorite brands are Booth’s and ?. ?. Watkins (sorry– senior moment there). They smell nice, too, like peach, vanilla, lemon. And food is my husband’s favorite flavor. No excuses! I don’t want to here it. Just do It!

Speaking of food, I made turkey pot pie last night. I had saved some nice chunks of breast meat and the pan drippings. I made a little gravy in a pot, cut up the turkey, added some leftover vegetables and a can of mixed vegetables. While this was simmering, I made biscuits. Yes, from scratch. It’s not hard. And they are so good. I put the oven on 450 and got out a baking dish and sheet. I poured the pot into the baking dish and gently laid about eight biscuits on top. This went on the top oven shelf and the rest of the biscuits went on a sheet underneath. After about fifteen minutes, they were ready to eat. And this is what’s left. Was someone happy?