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Things Are Almost Normal Again

May 25, 2013

That big old house in Reisterstown has finally been sold.  Now it’s up to someone else to keep it from falling apart.  The new owner is an energetic young woman.  I hope she has the stamina for it.  And will I miss it?  No.  Not even that big kitchen.  I’ve got a big kitchen here.  And it’s much nicer!  It did have a pretty back yard, but the back yard here is so much more than just pretty.

I want to thank my daughter for all the hard work in order to make this happen.  Thank you so much for the garage sales and craigs list sales to help clear out the house.  Thank you helping your little brother clear out and hauling to storage.  Thank you helping him find a little house of his own.  Thank you for letting him and his cat stay in your loft for two weeks. And thank you for feeding him, too.  Thank you for helping him move into his (new to him) row house.  Thank you for trying to keep him on the straight and narrow.  You are the best of daughters.  No mother could ask for a better one.  That person does not exist.  How ever could I be so lucky to have you for my daughter.  I love you so very much.  You are the best!

jenn in crocheted sweater