What Did I Do?

I was going to sew.  I never got around to it.  I woke up thinking about blueberries.  So I made blueberry almond coffee cake for breakfast.  Doug ate two pieces.  We went for a walk, but not much of one.  It was too bleeding-ass hot.  And it wasn’t even 9AM!!!  We watched some TV and I did some knitting.  Not even the cats were outside much.  They slept most of the day, went out after supper and came back in.  I’ve been thinking about ‘What’ll I Do’ by Irving Berlin.  I think I’ll try to find  it for my iPod.  I know that it’s been recorded by a few people.  If I could find Irving singing it, I’d be happy.

One Response to “What Did I Do?”

  1. Betty Says:

    Now I have that song stuck in my head. It’s funny how every time I hear that song, I can’t stop humming that tune for days. I love it too!!!

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