I Like Pockets on my Pants

Whenever I am stupid enough to buy pants or jeans or without them I could kick myself.  Where did that term come from?  I guess you could kick yourself with your heel.  But not me.  First of all is the fear of dislodging my hip.  Dr. R would really be pissed at me.  Then, there’s the fact that I don’t think I could bend my knee that much either.  Oh.  Wait a minute.  I have two legs.  No.  That’s not going to work either.  I would still have to stand on the crappy leg to do all this.  So.  Where was I going with this?  Does it really matter?  OK.  After three years of laying in my basket,  I finally put pockets on my pink shorts.  Oh, yeah.  One sock is finished.


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