Trying Not to Sweat

We went out about an hour early this morning and it was ten degrees higher than when it is normal hot.  After one block I said I was going to the end of our road and turning back.  And I haven’t been out since then.  I fixed tuna salad for supper.  I asked Doug to get potato chips.  He tried to talk me into going to the supermarket.   I said, “No”.  So he went to Fran’s and bought chips.  Utz, of course.  He’s such a “sweetie”.   I hate that word.  And people around here use it A LOT.  Two lifetimes ago, when I lived in California, I saw commercials for Granny Goose potato chips.  A cowboy rode up on his horse,reach into in saddlebag and pull out a bag of chips.  Then he said, “My name is Granny Goose”.  I think he was also in a western TV series, but I can’t remember what it was.  I’ll have to look that up later.

I fixed a blouse this afternoon.  A tie had come loose and I didn’t want the girls wandering off.  I am a bit mad at myself for doing a lousy job when I made it so it took me a while to get around to fixing.  It wouldn’t’ve mattered so much if it was store-bought.    I also decided to add embroidery to my nightie.

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  1. Victoria Says:

    i see you’re keeping quite busy! i’ve been busy as well, working that is! i haven’t had a darn minute to finish that hat. i got the ribbing though, then i started on the upper white part, and i’m certain i’m not doing it right. i’ll be in town this week, very briefly, tues night through wednesday. maybe i can swing by seaford on my way down for half hour so you can show me the error of my ways? 😉 let me know if that works at all.

    miss you and the group! hope you’re not melting with this heat….


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