New Pump and other Crap

The plumber was four hours late.  That’s not bad for Sussex county.  We’ve got a new pump, tank, pipes and other crap and now it is wonderful.  Doug helped.  He is handy.  I made him roasted red potatoes that he likes so much.  This time I put fresh mushrooms with them and I also baked some pork chops.  He was happy.  I made more than usual thinking I might have some for another day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are gone by tomorrow afternoon.   I found a recipe for chocolate banana cake that I might try.  I like banana nut bread, but i wanted to try something different.

Some of my Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric came today.  I have no idea when the rest will come.  The Loralie fabric I ordered came yesterday.   I have got so much nice fabric that I can’t part with anything to use on the back of my quilt.

Loralie fabric

Loralie fabric

very hungry caterpillar
very hungry caterpillar

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2 Responses to “New Pump and other Crap”

  1. Christine Says:

    Nice fabric. I hope it is all getting along. I love the pink and green Loralie fabric. Glad you got your water problems all straightened out.

  2. Liberty Says:

    I totally love your fabric, can I be your new best friend and will you share? lol

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