Ex-Husbands Never Die, They Just Fade into the Background

I was looking at my grandson, Kevin, the other day and Iwas thinking about how his mouth is so much like my ex’s.  Then I looked at Jenn and thought, ‘Oh, yeah.  My ex. What’s he up to?’  So I asked.  She hasn’t heard from him for over two years.  I Googled him and he seems to be living at the same address.  He has a daughter by his second wife who must be about 35 years old.  He has been married to his third wife for around thirty years and they have a son and daughter who are about my son’s age.  My daughter has two half sisters and two half brothers and she only really knows one.  It is such an odd feeling that I don’t know how to express it.  Jenn makes light of it, but I can’t help but wonder what she really thinks.  We haven’t had any “alone” time for a while, especially since her husband retired.



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