Crabcakes and Free Socks

I picked crabs this afternoon.  They were not very cooperative and it took longer than usual.  I can’t decide whether to freeze it or eat it tomorrow.  Win is coming next Wednesday and I make the best crabcakes I have ever tasted.  It’s only natural.  I come from the original Maryland settlers. 

Jenn had brought them up yesterday afternoon.  They were leftovers from Tuesday.  She didn’t think they would be crabbing any more this week and wanted me to have some.  She said John was “in a mood” and needed an excuse to go for a ride.  Sometimes he gets a little one sided in his thinking.  My daughter thinks the way she wants to think, not the way someone wants her to think.  Guess where she gets that from.

I realized today that I was going to put an afterthought heel on these socks.  I don’t want to waste all that knitting time so I will continue on.  Maybe next time.   I am still not sure if I like this sock.  A light color wold have shown off the pattern better and the leg is a little too long.  Anybody want these socks?  Give me a good reason and I’ll finish them in your size.  I may even send them to you.  They feel wonderful!  But they are blue!

blue sock

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2 Responses to “Crabcakes and Free Socks”

  1. Christine Says:

    Ho! When I read that you picked crabs, I thought you were talking about apples and expected that you were going to make jam or something then I read you were going to make crab cakes and could not figure that out for a minute but I am still wondering how you pick crabs. Don’t you catch them in traps? You are talking about the crustacean kind aren’t you?

  2. autumnblossomknits Says:

    Free socks? I would love to have your socks if you dont’ want them. I knit all sorts of things but have yet to try to make a pair of socks. I’ll trade ya for a chihuahua sweater or a hat, both of which I have far too many of hanging around my house.

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