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We just finished dragging in new furniture and rearranging the old.  We’re taking a break before the final placement.  Sweetums got out a beer and I got out a yogurt and a Seagrams flavored beer.  That’s a good lunch.  Right?

Sweetums has been belly aching for months over my worn recliner.  I’ve been belly aching about him sitting in it so much.  So.  We went shopping.  And this is what I bought.

I’m ready to sit and knit.  Doesn’t look like a recliner, does it?  That’s the best part.  Most of them are so bulky and down right ugly.  I can’t see how anyone would want one in their home.  And where’s my old one going?  Into the sitting area in our bedroom where Sweetums can read and no one can see it.  If he gets lonely, he can his own d**n recliner and join me. 

We started our search at their bargain store.  No recliners of interest, but I did find a nice container for my sewing supplies.  So I bought two.  Hey.  I know a good thing when I see it.   They are jewelry armoires.  Does anyone have that much jewelry?  I tried taking a picture, but it turned out crappy.  Usually, these things look, well, tacky.  These are Mission style– an unassuming clean look.  I now have sixteen drawers to fill.  Can I do it?  Considering that I have fifteen filled little plastic drawers, I believe I can.

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