Hobby Lobby in Salisbury

I went expecting it to be like the store in Bismarck.  Well, it wasn’t.  The center half(or more) was home decor.  Is that a hobby?  The best thing to do was walk to the left edge and look through the aisles that skirted the store.  Even then, I was a bit disappointed.  Drawing pencils were sparse.  I can get better quality at Staples.  They did have Wilton baking supplies, but not what I needed.  There was one small rack of knitting pamphlets that one would expect to see at Woolworth’s and just a coupe of aisles of mediocre yarn. 

I came mainly for fabric.  I was expecting to see many aisles of fabric.  But, here again, I was sadly disappointed.  This store does not have a quarter of what I saw last Fall.  I wish now that I had bought then and shipped it back.  All I wanted was to make some summer blouses.  A few weeks ago, I pulled out all my old boring ones from work and put them in a Good Will bag. 

 This isn’t exactly Summer blouse material, but it’s the only thing of interest that I could find.

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  1. nancy Says:

    Well, sandy you will just have to make another visit to Bismarck!

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