Sweetums Needed New Shoes

So we drove over to the Rehoboth outlets.  I wanted to look into the Dooney Bourke and, of course, Fossil.  We were on Route 9 to get to Route 1, when we came upon signs that said Detour and Shoulder Work Ahead.  Only it wasn’t.  It was Extreme Makeover.  I was surprised at how much work had been accomplished and how well organized eveything looked.  I believe they started on Monday.  That’s a really big soup kitchen.  It was a little slow due to rubber neckers.  But what do you expect?  This is LSD you know.  Around here, when a workman says he’ll have it done by Christmas, you need to ask which Christmas. 

Further on down the road, we stopped at the dairy farm and got chocolate shkes with black raspberry ice cream.  It was so good that I got brain freeze.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t driving. 

Sweetums only likes one kind of Reeboks.  Yeah.  I know.  Boring.  But I can’t point the finger.  I only wear Haflingers.  He parked by Fossil and walked over to Reeboks.  He was finshed by the time I came out of Fossil.  I bought a change puse.  I didn’t see anything else interesting.  I went to Dooney & Bourke and he followed me.  Here, again, I saw several things,but that was ‘just right’.  Sweetums liked a red suede, but it wasn’t quite right.    He is now looking at purses on-line for me.  That’s why I call him Sweetums.

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