Watermelon Placemats

I thought that I would never get these finished.  I had made the first one about three years ago when I bought my Sapphire.  The place was having a little class.  Materials were provided.  About a year ago, I saw the same fabric in a sale bin.  I thought, ‘Why not.’  I looked around and found the same ribbon and I knew I had fleece batting.  I managed to cut out five more placements.  I sewed on ribbon untill I ran out.  I started with a double needle that proceeded to make me crazy so I reverted to a zigzag stitch.  My lines aren’t all that straight, but I think the embroidery helps detract.  And, of course, I couldn’t put the same thing on each one.  I was thoroughly bored after four designs so I stopped.  They refused to go together nicely and I did some chopping and some swearing, but I think they were worth the effort. 

And what’s next?  I’ve been thinking.  Sweetums could use a little quilt for his nightstand.  I have one on mine that he thinks is pretty nifty.  I also want to make a fleece tunic.  I need to make a new pattern.  With everything moved around, I couldn’t find my pattern boxes.  Do I need to make any Christmas gifts?  ARRGHH!!



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