Flight Home

Well.  The plane was full and there were people standing around hoping for no-shows.  This was not comforting.  A few days before the middle seat next to me was still unsold.  And what did I find when I got to my seat?  You guessed it.  It was a big burly guy who thought he was entitled to both armrests.  Was I going to let that happen?  Like hell!  I spent quite a bit of time getting settled and generally acting like a helpless old lady.  Before he knew it, he was reaching for something.  When he tried to lean back, there was my shoulder and arm relaxing on the armrest and I was busy with my knitting.  They stayed there the rest of the flight.  He tried to lean on me a few times, but I ignored him.  He never made eye contact or said one word to me.   He just grumbled and shifted in his seat a lot.  I hate it when someone acts like they are entitled and pretend that you are not even there.  It is so unnecessary.


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