Interweave Knits

p1010788Here it is, folks.  This is the last IK that I will ever receive.  Look at that cover sweater!  Could they have picked anything worse?  It looks like something my mother would have worn to putter around the house.  Not my Grandmother though, who had better taste.  There were two things in this issue that I might consider making, but there are no real garments.  For over a year now, this magazine has been a big waste of my money.  I think the only reason I kept getting it was because I have gotten it since it’s inception.  For years, I enjoyed it.  The designs and articles were great.  There were always several things I wanted to make.  And now, Iam ashamed to say I still get it.  The patterns are boring, boring, boring.  There is nothing of any interest anymore.  It is very sad that such a good magazine could sink to such mediocrity.


I am very pleased with my bag.  I have gone as far as I can because I ran out of the teal.  It’s my own fault.  I didn’t decide to knit it in the round until after I got the yarn.  I’ll order another skein next week.  There are a few other things that I need anyway.  I also need to look through my stash for some pretty fabric to use for lining and pockets.


It is amazing how much bigger the kitchen and family room feels with this one foot of wall removed.  We are going to look at paint this weekend.

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