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glitzI got out a bunch of my glitzy fabric today.  My daughter asked me to make her a case for her new camera.  Jeez!!  She said to use whatever I felt like using.  Does she know what kind of visions come to mind?  She should by this time.  So, this is what I found.  What do you think? 

Rats!  I just realized that i didn’t get everything in the picture and the colors are not as bright as they really are.  The light peach is actually bright orange with silver spots.  There is some black velvet with gold trim next to the fuchsia and fuzzy purple spots on the right.  I’ll try and take another shot tomorrow, if I remember.  I have something extra to show you anyway.apres rain

The geese and geesettes have been out in troves.  Maude and Zip get so excited watching them, but they both keep their distance.   That’s eleven babies.  I wonder if they are all theirs?  This group has been coming for several days now.  I guess they like our little creek.  The ones born on the island, I see almost every morning and evening.

I’ve been making progress on my Noro socks and I’m about 2/3s through my second sleeve on the sweater.  I found the needles I need for the body.  I want to try and knit the body in the round, but I don’t know if my hands can take it.  Intarsia is much easier in the round.  I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading, too.  It was cooler today and too windy to knit outside.   


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  1. nancy Says:

    Neat pictures. Did you change your e-mail address??? Having problems e-mailing you.

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