Not Knitting?

biscuit&winstonNot very many came to knitting group today.  There were not a whole lot there last month either.  What causes this?  I knit year round.  Not knitting is unheard of to me.  I will probably abandon my heavy wool sweater once it gets hot.  But, I still have two more pairs of socks and gloves planned and a half done vest on tiny needles that I need to get back to.  I will still be there twice a month unless something that I can’t reschedule comes along.  I can’t get together  like this for sewing.  My machine alone weighs 35 lbs.  Then there is all the other crap in order to sew.  And there is the fact that I would have to drive so far.  The poor thing should have had it’s annual physical two months ago, but that’s a 40 mile drive and I haven’t found another reason to go.  Why am I such a sourpuss?  I’ll have to think about that.  I have got a ton of pictures to download and I haven’t even felt like doing that.  I’m going to take my murder mystery and go to bed.  I can’t even find any good science fiction lately.  What’s this world coming to?  Here’s my son with his little girl.



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  1. Christine Says:

    I love Science Fiction. It is hard to find. What have you read that you like? Maybe I would have some ideas. I ask because Sci – Fi can be sub divided. That is a cute cat. I had to double click for a close up. LOL

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