Strips, Strips, Strips

012314 005

I cut three yards of fabric into two and one half-inch strips and now I don’t know where the picture that I took has gone.  Pictured here is about ten of those strips sewn end to end.  When I saw this fabric, I knew it was THE ONE.  I had been agonizing  as to the color to use to border the squares.  Black is the common choice, but I don’t like black and I have trouble with ‘common’ in general.  I was thinking about a brown.  It’s an unobtrusive color, but it is a color.  I also thought about red.  And what about a red/brown?  Then I saw the green and brown–something that I never thought of.  Sometimes, you just have to wonder through a few fabric stores before you know what you want.

012314 006

I have finally gotten all the squares sewn together.  And I think that the strips are just the right color.  I need to sew a final outside border strip and I’ll be able to start quilting.  (Insert Happy Dance here.)  Do you have any idea how happy I will be when this baby is finished?



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