Winter is When You Realize That You have Too Manny Pets

I’m sitting here looking at the phrase, ‘Too Manny’, and thinking how odd it looks. What are its origins? I should do some research. But not now.  I also realize that it’s been a long time since I blogged.  Blogged!  Another interesting word appears.  Where does that come from?  It’s a squishing together of two words—web and log.  OK.  Now, just where does web and log come from?  Stop it!  Just stop it!  Too much thinking going on here.  I don’t have to think anymore.  I’m retired.  Not that I had to think much when I was working.  All those laws, regulations, manuals, circulars.  Ugh.  Someone said they were going to raid my area when I left, so I spent the last few days shredding every little thing that I wrote anything on.  That included three steno pads of notes and at least two binders worth of pages with highlights or clarifying notes.  Those last few days were more fun than I had had in years.  And now I wonder.  Have I turned into a warm brown turd?  I hope not.  I try to learn something every day.  Even if it is, ‘I’d better not do that again’.   And what did I learn today?  Selfies aren’t easy to take.  I might even post one.  If I’m feeling froggy.  I love words.  OK.  Enough.  I gotta sew.



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