Herky Jerky Auto Ad

Those of you in my area know who I mean.  Let me enlighten the rest of you.  A decent looking blond woman stands at the right or left of the screen and talks about whatever sale is currently going on.  I don’t really listen.  I just watch her.  I sometimes even stop knitting.   I honestly believe they use an animated mannequin.  Her mouth moves and her hands move.  No.  Once I saw her elbows move a little.  The hand movements remind me of old marionettes.  It’s kind of scary.  She would be just as believable if she had a clown face.  You know, like those horror movies.  I figure she must be related to the owner of the dealership.  I guess she thinks she looks good.  Maybe she should watch how Jenifer Hudson moves when she talks.  But, then again, she has talent–a great deal of talent. 

Is that commercial over yet?

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