Komet Socks

I got this yarn from yarn4socks, but I just didn’t like the pattern that came with it.  The cuff had beads in it that I didn’t bother with.  I’m a knitter, not a beader.  The pattern had a lot of little cables.  When the kit came, I assumed that the picture was very good since I could hardly see the cables.  After many hours of knitting and accomplishing only two inches of pattern, I took a hard look at my room.  And, you know what?  I still could hardly see those damned cables!  So, naturally, I did what any red-blooded knitter would do.  I ripped it all out and went looking for a better pattern.  And the rest is history.  Socks that I can truly be proud of!  Thank you, Stephanie van der Linden.  I love your book, too.

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