What’s On My Needles

I opened a drawer and I found two old Colinette kits.  They were similar in color so I decided to make a sweater out of mitered squares.  I think I may have a pattern somewhere, but for now, I am winging it. 

I am also thinking about a new hat.  I haven’t been able to find most of my hats and I thought I’d use the rest of my last socks to make one.  Here we have miters again.  They are so much fun.

But, wait!

I saw this pattern and I thought that it would be perfect for Jenn.  So far, I have only made one change(other than using different yarn than mentioned).  When going from the garter rows to the leaf pattern there is a row of yarn over increases which I found ugly so I made Make One increases–a much better looking increase.  I am not certain that I like the pink I chose, but I can always give her two.

You know, I still haven’t gotten around to posting my ND pictures.  I should do that.

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