“Report Suspicious Activity…………”

Why is this message so important that it must be put on every programmable road sign when there is nothing to report?  I was driving home to my beloved Delaware this  morning and I was confronted with this no less than six times.  I can understand having them announce an accident at a certain location, a road that is closed,  high winds, bad weather and even slow traffic.  But why can’t they be just left blank when there is nothing happening?  And why this message?  It’s a joke.  It’s distracting.  Here you are, heading home after a long day.  You notice the sign and try to read it while trying to keep track of all that’s going on around you.  You are expecting a warning and it’s the same stupid message.  After a while, you just stop looking at it.  It’s far safer to keep your eyes on the road.  So what is the real need for these signs?  I don’t get it.


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  1. Betty Says:

    I suppose they want you to look for suspicious activity????? And then report it while driving?????

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